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July 24, 2018

Day 69 Erieau, Ontario

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Today was fun.  It wasn't cold, it didn't rain and the route was mostly flat.  We did have a strong headwind in the afternoon, but nothing's perfect.

It was cloudy all day, but NO RAIN!
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Our first stop was one we had planned at the Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site.  An escaped slave and Underground Railroad conductor who led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom in Canada, Josiah Henson was also the inspiration for Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom in her novel.  It was a very interesting place and an inspiring story.  They are careful to let you know that the negative attitudes and ideas ascribed to so called "Uncle Toms" do not reflect either Josiah Henson nor the Uncle Tom character in Stowe's novel.

Biscuit is the greeter at the historic site. She was very friendly with Viktoriya and me
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She wasn't so ready to be friends with Kerry or Alain.
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Some history of the Dawn settlement
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There was no information about this bike, but I had to get a picture.
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This was the smokehouse - a hollowed out sycamore trunk
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This part of Ontario is almost all farms.  In addition to abundant corn and soybeans, there were various vegetables being grown.  Tomatoes for canning are a big crop here.

Tomato field
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Here are onions, beans and corns in one view
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We couldn't decide if this is a crop or just a ground cover
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Here is a close up view. Does anyone recognize this? (Bill?)
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Bill ShaneyfeltIt sure looks like peanuts... My Botany lab partner and I grew peanuts for our semester project... They were not quite that big when the semester ended... If only we'd known how much slower they grow than tomatoes!

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1 year ago

We rode past this huge greenhouse, but didn't see anything to identify it or what was growing inside.  A little later in the day, we were able to learn a great deal about it.  That unplanned, unexpected, but fascinating stop is detailed in Alain's blog for today.

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It was an uplifting experience.

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Today's ride: 47 miles (76 km)
Total: 3,175 miles (5,110 km)

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