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July 24, 2016

Pelee Island

This morning we went back to Peter's Kitchen for breakfast. The same servers from the night before were working the breakfast shift. Did they even go home or just work through the night?

Greek restaurant for breakfast
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Thus fortified we headed for the Leamington ferry terminal. On the way we passed by the old Heinz plant. The new owner is Highbury Canco, but the brickwork on the smokestack still says Heinz. We arrived early enough to take a 10:00 ferry to Pelee Island instead if the 11:00 ferry. This would not get us to Sandusky any faster. The 10:00 ferry only goes halfway across the lake to Pelee Island, then heads back to Leamington. But that would give us some time on Pelee Island and we could then switch to the smaller 11:00 ferry when it stopped at Pelee.

The 10:00 ferry from Leamington to Pelee Island. Passengers drive their own vehicles on board. As the big ferries go she was bigger than most. And the crew and good captain well seasoned.
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Pelee Island has several attributes that make it well suited to bicycling. It is flat, quaint, flat, well paved, flat and has very few automobiles. Also, it doesn't have any hills.

The ferry that arrives an hour later continues on to Sandusky. This ferry is much smaller. Because the car deck is so small, the crew loads the cars instead of letting passengers attempt to maneuver their own vehicles into place. The crew did let us park our own bikes. We bungied them into place in case the smaller boat rocked once it got under way. This proved to be a wise precaution.

Plenty of room in an enclosed car deck on the big ferry. The ship is too big to rock.
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That speck of land is the southern most point in Canada. Seen from the deck of the small ferry.
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As we made our way from Pelee Island towards Sandusky the wind picked up and rain clouds gathered. It was raining when we landed, but not hard. We cleared customs and started out in a light drizzle. Within an hour the rain stopped and the roads began to dry out. We made our way to Wellington on back roads with no traffic.

Our B&B let us use a hose to clean up the bike. We ended up having a late dinner at a Greek place called Dimitri's. Good prices and large portions, but not as nice as Peter's. Tomorrow we need to find something other than a Greek restaurant.

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