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July 25, 2016

Amish transit

Our route today from Wellington Ohio to Millersburg took us through Amish country. I'm not sure why, but Amish farmers seem to settle in hilly areas. Is hilly land cheaper? Do they want to see how steep a hill a buggy can climb? Perhaps just a coincidence? In any case, my stereotype held true today and we had lots of rollers and short steep climbs.

A stop in the park in the center of the town if Lodi yielded some information about trees we have seen loosing their leaves. This is not due to the dry weather, the 17 year cicadas are putting in an appearance and are both ravenous and raucous after laying low for 16 years. Lots of humans act up at around age 17 as well.

Nice park in Lodi Ohio. (Jeanna's edit: This is the guy who asked how old I was and was so surprised I was doing this at my advanced age!)
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We continued on through hilly terrain to Wooster, a pretty college town. I'm not an expert on Ohio athletics, but I suspect Wooster college's biggest rival is Wabbit college.

As the day got hot, we alternated between wishing the sky would cloud up to cool us down and wishing the clouds would clear before it started raining. When the balance shifted to blue skies we stopped at a staples store. The staples we purchased were cheese, ice cream and plums.

These are oats next to the staples store. It's not wheat, we verified the oats with an actual farmer.
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When we reached Fredericksburg we found a solution to the heat and hills. The Holmes County trail is an excellent rails to trails bike trail. In most places it is well shaded. The trail is open to bikes and non motorized buggies. The trail took us to within a few blocks of our destination at the he Hotel Millersburg. The hotel restaurant has a Monday night Amish dinner special that we are looking forward to devouring.

Horses stay on their side so bikes don't have to dodge road apples.
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Elegant lodging and dining in historic Millersburg.
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