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August 28, 2016


For the last week or so we have been thinking about the flooding that occurred in Louisiana. Would roads be passable? Would hotels be swamped? Should we bypass the southern tier route?

Jeanna called all of our destinations in Louisiana and Mississippi to verify that conditions were OK. All assured her that it was OK. Even though the flood waters have receded, we saw lots of evidence of the flooding.

Note the trees on the bank that were uprooted. There is also what remains of a house in the background.
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The damage extended far beyond the normal banks of the streams we passed.
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The drainage ditches along the road had been overwhelmed.
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Yet another stream full of downed trees.
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Team S lead the way when our route got dicey.
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Sometimes there was a thin line between flooded streams and washed out roads.
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I don't want to make light of the tragic flooding, but other than skirting around a road wash out, we didn't have any problem passing through an area that was recently devastated by over 20 inches of rain in one day.

Team A has been having a problem with our front bottom bracket. The bearings are shot and we need to find a bike shop where we can replace the BB. Unfortunately, bike shops are in short supply on the adventure cycling southern tier route we have been following. Tomorrow we are planning to separate team A from team S for a couple of days. Team S will continue along the adventure cycling route, team A will head south towards Lake Ponchartrain and the Gulf Coast in search of bike shops.

One thing that is not in short supply are love bugs. We passed through swarms of them again today. Our observations have revealed that the females are usually much larger than the males. She walks forward, dragging him backwards. If he tries to fly while she wants to stand, she just ignores him and let's him flap in the wind. If she wants to fly, he has no choice and has to go along. In flight, they resemble a helicopter.

Male love bugs being dragged around.
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We found a personal add posted on a wall. To the best of my memory, I have reproduced it below. Since we saw virtually no unattached love bugs, these adds must be quite effective. Here's the add:

Female love bug, enjoys romantic walks tail to tail, and tandem flights. Seeking male love bug with similar interests. I prefer to lead. I'm looking for a long term, multiple day relationship, not a one night stand.

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