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August 29, 2016

Day 90 Amite City to Poplarville, MS

Today was the first time on the trip that the Two Far teams had to split up. Team A needed to go south to find a bike shop for urgent repairs. Team S decided to stay with the planned route, since we didn't know how Team A's day would unfold.

We left the hotel at 7:30 and headed for Mississippi. There was flood damage evident for about ten miles as we rode east. Parts of the road we were on had been underwater during the flood, but there were no more washouts.

The area we're riding through now is different in that we are not seeing farm fields. We haven't seen corn or soybeans that I remember since we left the Trace. We did see a lot of cows today. Passing one pasture this morning, the cows seemed to walk to the road to watch us go by. Later, in the hot afternoon sun, the cows we passed were smart enough to stay in the shade

Some of these guys seemed very interested in us.
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Later in the hot afternoon, these cows made a smarter choice.
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I picked up this hitchhiker leaving our lunch stop. I don't know whether I violated any rules and transported him across state lines, but a few miles later we were back in Mississippi. This state crossing was not marked with chalk on the pavement. There was a little sign saying you were entering whatever county in Mississippi it is. We didn't stop for a picture.

This little dude got a bike ride today.
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The last 25 miles today had no services. It was hot and we went through all four of our water bottles. We have another long stretch without services tomorrow and are going to carry extra water this time.

We arrived very hot and tired in Poplarville and stopped at a convenience store 1/2 mile from the B&B for Diet Coke and air conditioning. It was a fun stop. There were a couple of local characters there who entertained us with stories for awhile. I got the feeling that the store was their regular hangout.

We finally made it to our B&B about 3PM. It is another well restored old house. We will really miss Team A this evening as we have the whole upstairs with our own sitting room all to ourselves. It could be another night of female dominance in cards!

The Blueberry Inn B&B
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Nice surroundings for the bike again
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The dining room
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The upstairs sitting room - with only each other for company tonight!
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Our room (no company needed here)
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Tomorrow we'll be reunited with Team A and start following the Gulf Coast home.

Today's ride: 72 miles (116 km)
Total: 4,276 miles (6,882 km)

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