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March 2, 2019


We headed back up highway 4 on the wrong side of the road for six hundred meters until we got to the junction with route 4159 (this is a standard traffic maneuver in much of SE Asia).  The 4159 is not a particularly minor road but it was much quieter and more enjoyable ride than along highway 4.  The surroundings are rural and the trees, even if they might be rubber tree or oil palm plantations, come right up to the edge of the road providing shade and  coolth.

After about eight kilometers we reached the town of Khao Wiset.  We found a series of stalls along the the road, the first of which was selling patango. Just what we had wanted for breakfast!  The stall owner was so kind, giving a container of pandan custard for free and providing us with some water to drink.

Patango with pandan custard.
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The patango stall. The next stall was doing pork satays and the one after that was an open air butchery.
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A couple of kilometers later we turned onto a quiet road that would lead us south-eastwards to Trang.  After a few kilometers more we turned onto an even quieter road which soon changed to an unsealed surface.

Really quiet country road.
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A tiny section of road works at a new bridge.
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All along today's route we were presented with reminders that we were back in the real Thailand.  Constant greetings and thumbs up from passing road users and folks on the side of the road.  We wandered off our chosen route by mistake a few times but with it being such a short ride today it hardly mattered.

We have settled in at VR House on the north western side of town, a tiny establishment more in the form of a motel  than a guesthouse.  The couple running it are sweet as can be.  It is on a rather noisy street that runs parallel with the railway line but is a few hundred meters from an area with a 7-Eleven and quite a lot of food stalls so food has been very easy to get.

Today's ride: 39 km (24 miles)
Total: 768 km (477 miles)

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