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March 3, 2019

Thung Yao

From what I could see on Google StreetView, the route 404 southwards from Trang looked like it was best avoided.  So yesterday I plotted a route through some back roads using Open Route Service ( and saved it on my phone.  It added a few kilometers to the distance to Thung Yao but made for a very enjoyable ride.  We were mostly on small roads, mostly without numbers and almost always in the shade.  We passed through small hamlets of friendly people, shooed off a few dogs (Leigh thinks that shouting at them in Xhosa works best) and responded to constant greetings along the way.

Some really small roads today. this one barely the width of a cycle path.
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Bull fighting (where bulls actually fight each other) is very popular in peninsular Thailand.  It's not something I would like to see or of which I approve but what does strike me is that, just like owners of fighting cocks in SE Asia, the owners of the bulls seem to love their animals.  It is a common sight to see bulls being taken for an early morning constitutional.

Taking his bull for it's morning stroll.
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This bull was more interested in eating than walking.
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At Yan Ta Khao we veered back to the route 404 for a kilometer or so and then in an easterly direction onto the 4125 which was quite busy.  Thankfully, after about four kilometers we turned off in a southerly direction and the last twenty kilometers were back on very quiet roads.

More quiet roads , this time unsealed. Even though it was already ten thirty in the morning we were still nicely shaded by the rubber trees.
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On entering the town of Thung Yao we went off to look for some lunch.  On the main street we found an eatery with some ducks in the window.  I struggled through my extremely limited Thai to ask for some duck on rice only to quickly hold my tongue when it turned out that the proprietor spoke excellent English.

Ducks (one with most of its breast removed - we ate it :-)) and chickens in the front of the eatery where we had lunch.
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One of the staff was adamant that we needed a photograph taken in front of their sign.
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In fact, it is surprising how many Thais we have met in the south who speak very good English.  Since leaving the tourist hot spots a few days ago we have heard far more English on the streets and have been stopped for a chat on a number of occasions.

Series 3 Landy and King Bhumibol the Great.
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Our digs for the night is the Cupid Hotel, at 890 baht it was almost twice our "standard" price but there were few options available.

Today's ride: 57 km (35 miles)
Total: 825 km (512 miles)

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