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March 4, 2019


As usual the first task of the day was to find some breakfast.  Just a around the corner from our digs we found a lady selling patango, which we couldn't resist.  She was also selling another kind of fried dough ball which we had to try.  Similar in texture to a koeksister with a sweet custard-like filling.  Leigh says they tasted very "Afrikaans".

Not sure what these were but they were very nice.
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We headed down route 416 in a south-easterly direction.  I was expecting it to be busy, boring and unenjoyable but it wasn't too bad.  After about twelve kilometers we passed through a small gap in a low range of hills where we stopped to watch some macques squabbling in the trees above the road before entering a lovely valley. 

The gap through which we passed into the valley.
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The from this point was mostly southwards which is good from the point of view that we will be spared the easterly wind that seems to spring up most days at around mid-morning.   About six kilometers further on we climbed out of the valley and enjoyed a lovely downhill to a split in the road at Thing Wa.  Here we turned off the 416 onto the 3007 and then onto the 3028 which gave us a lovely ride until we re-joined the 416 about seven kilometers from La-Ngu.

Climbing out of the valley.
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We have had three days of really enjoyable cycling in a row now.  We have kept the distances short - the heat can be a real downer if the day's ride is too long - and have felt quite fresh despite not being particularly fit yet.

La-Ngu is a messy little town but, after a nice lunch of what will probably be our last crispy pork for a while, we found the Dahla Resort.  Standard 500 baht for a slightly spartan but spotlessly clean room set in a quiet back street. 

Today's ride: 53 km (33 miles)
Total: 878 km (545 miles)

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