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March 5, 2019


I had bought a bunch of bananas for supper yesterday evening so we enjoyed the leftovers for first breakfast.  The tiny south east Asian pisangs are so much sweeter and more flavoursome that the large bananas we get back in South Africa.

The last of the bananas.
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Despite starting off with the bananas we still ended up stopping to buy some chicken satays and sticky rice after a few kilometers on the road.

The route 416 was mostly four lanes all the way to Satun and we knew before we started that it wasn't going to be exciting.  Just to make sure it looked ugly, we passed a large palm oil processing plant.

Palm oil processing plant. Habitat destruction, and the loss of biodiversity that it causes, is the main danger posed by oil palms but the production process doesn't seem that good for the environment either.
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Of course, I can't help but stop and look at any old Landrover I can find.  This poor old Series 3 looks like it needs a bit of love and attention.  An engine and some seats would also help.

Old Landys never die.
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Throughout Thailand, over the past few years, we have seen statues of two strange looking dudes.  We've never yet worked out who they represent and why they are important.

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The ride itself was very easy.  A few small hills but mostly pretty flat.  Once again, lots of friendly folk along the way.  We even had kisses blown at us by some political party workers out canvassing (the elections in Thailand are in less than three weeks time).

We had got into Satun well before it got too hot (it maxed out at about 38 degrees C today) and, after stopping to enjoy an ice-cream, settled in to a very nice room at the Satun Boutique Resort.  I'm not sure from where they got the name because it is enormous.  Despite the name and the size, it is very good value for money - 520 baht for probably the most luxurious accommodation we have enjoyed on this trip.

Today's ride: 56 km (35 miles)
Total: 934 km (580 miles)

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