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February 20, 2019

Takua Pa

We picked up some breakfast at the market across the road from the resort and were on the road before seven o'clock this morning.  We stopped on the ourskirts of town to eat the first part of the breakfast (fried chicken wings and sticky rice plus a few bananas) before tackling the climb out of Khura Buri.  We were mostly in the shade and it was still cool so the climb wasn't a problem at all, even with our levels of fitness.  At the top was a quaint little shrine.

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Then it was down the other side and on towards Takua Pa on highway 4.  The traffic was pretty light to start off with and there was lots of shade so it was very pleasant riding the gently rising and falling road.  At some point we stopped off to finish the bananas and later on, as the morning hotted up, stopped for a cold drink.  From about the halfway mark, the road drifted away from the mountains and flattened out somewhat.  There were fewer trees close to the road and the shade we enjoyed earlier was in shorter supply.  The traffic also got heavier as we approached Takua Pa.

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On entering the town we headed to the Takua Pa Station Hotel, next to the bus terminus.  A great room for 550 baht.  Lots of food options nearby and a coin operated washing machine at the cellphone shop next door.

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Today's ride: 53 km (33 miles)
Total: 405 km (252 miles)

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