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February 18, 2019

Suk Samran

For the first time on this tour, the total kilometers ridden for the day is zero.  We have spent today ensconced in our very nice room at I-In Resort.  Apart from going off to buy a watermelon that we ate for breakfast and lunch, we have been working since seven o'clock this morning.  We emerged just before five o'clock this afternoon to have a swim in the very nice pool followed by a couple of beers and supper topped of with an ice-cream.

There are number of old rickshaw bicycles here at the I-In, complete with pith helmets, and we couldn't resist trying them out when we went for our swim and before supper.

Note the lovely leaf springs.
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The Little Wire Bicycle also got in on the act.
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All in all, our stay at the I-In has been very pleasant and I would recommend it to anyone passing through Suk Samran.

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