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February 17, 2019

Suk Samran

The sun had just risen over the mountains to the east when we hit the road this morning.  It was a cool and quiet ride up to highway 4 where we stopped to buy some breakfast.

Sticky rice and a fried chicken drumstick for breakfast
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We carried on down highway 4 until we had covered twenty four kilometers at which point we turned off onto a quiet back road.  Apart from taking us off highway 4 for a while it also meant we avoided a climb of about a hundred meters.  Lazy I know but it was worth it for the change of scenery alone.  The eastern side of the Thailand peninsular is as flat as a pancake for much of the way and it is possible to take side roads almost all the time.  Here on the west coast, squeezed between the mountains and the sea, there seem to be far fewer options for diverting off the main highway.

Quite country roads
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Once back on highway 4, which wasn't as busy as yesterday, we carried on rolling gently up and down the slight rises until we stopped for a second breakfast of watermelon about ten kilometers before the town of Suk Samran.

Watermelon for second breakfast
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We had booked (and paid) for a room at PK Resort a few kilometers outside of Suk Samran so when we got to the town we first looked for a place to have lunch before carrying on to our digs.  The only place we could find seemed to the I-In Resort where we were warmly welcomed - they were dead keen for us to spend the night there.  Lunch was nice enough and the whole establishment looked pretty good so we though we might use it for our digs tomorrow night.  We cycled off to look for the PK Resort, first taking a wrong road which added a few kilometers to our journey before finding we needed to go back further into town for the turnoff to the resort.  Finding it wasn't easy.  It turned out to be a single tiny building in amongst a rather depressed and dirty residential area.  There was no sign of a resort in the normal sense at all.  To top it all there was no one there and the locals living around it couldn't seem to help us. 

So we turned around and cycled back to the I-In Resort on the main road through Suk Samran and checked in for the next two nights.  At 550 baht per night we have an enormous spotlessly clean room, a pool and a reasonable source of food at its restaurant.  Compared to Wasana's place where we spend last night this is just so much better value for money.  It certainly isn't the worst place to hole for for a day to catch up on work. 

The two Hollanders who were at Wasana's last night are also staying at the I-In tonight.  They are riding smart Santos twenty-niners equipped with Gates belt driven Rohloffs and are on their way to Singapore from Chaing Mai.

Today's ride: 68 km (42 miles)
Total: 324 km (201 miles)

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