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February 11, 2019


The weather had started becoming a bit unsettled yesterday evening and we had a short sharp shower at about seven o'clock this morning.  This didn't stop us getting up and having a final swim in the Gulf of Thailand before we start crossing over the peninsular to the Andaman Sea side of Thailand.  Even though we have spent only one day here at Thung Wua Laen I am already feeling nice and relaxed.

When we were at Thung Wua Laen a year and a half ago it was pretty deserted.  The sea was quite rough and the beach was littered with debris so we didn't swim at all.  However, the beach had a good collection of waders but now it was populated by a smattering of European tourists (plus two pale Africans :-)).  Last night being Sunday evening there was an influx of locals but this morning it was just falangs.  I guess Thung Wua Laen has tried to become a resort town but hasn't been able to match the attractions of the islands nearby.  This means it is reasonably comfortable but nowhere near as busy or as spoilt as the islands.  However, the sign of failed tourism ventures are there - one of the larger establishments we checked out the year before last was clearly too ambitious for these parts and looked on the verge of closing down.  The Talay Sai Resort where we stayed was about double our target price at 930 baht but was good value for money given its great location right on the beach.     

After our swim we packed up and loaded the bicycles for the short ride back to Chumpon.  We are really making sure we ease back into cycling as slowly as possible.  Leaving at just before eleven o'clock meant we would spend close to the hottest part on the road.  In Thailand it is usually the heat that needs to be beaten because the generally flat terrain and good road conditions mean that long distances aren't the problem.  In the heat even the smallest climb feels tough because you end up cycling in what feels like a sauna because the cooling airflow disappears as you slow down.  But since today was such a short distance none of that mattered.

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The first thing we did when arriving in Chumpon was to find some food because we had missed breakfast this morning.  After a refreshing pineapple we made our way to the Paradorn Inn, a rather down at heel hotel just off the main road.  It is certainly past its prime but the room is large and clean and at 420 baht it slots neatly into our budget.  Besides, the plan for this afternoon is to get some work done and it provides all we need to do so.

Today's ride: 16 km (10 miles)
Total: 39 km (24 miles)

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