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February 12, 2019

Kra Buri

It was almost light when we woke up at around six o'clock and we probably need to wake up half an hour earlier to make best use of the cooler mornings.  Still, we were on the road soon after seven o'clock.  A quick stop off to draw some cash at an ATM next to a 7-Eleven where I couldn't resist buying a couple of the dreadful pocket sandwiches for breakfast.  I guess at some point further on the trip we will be forced to eat them again.

We  took the short cut across the railway line which we had found last year we made our way westwards on highway 4.

The shortcut across the railway line.
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The traffic was pretty frenetic and while it was at first slightly nerve-wracking it was also somehow exhilarating.  Once past the golf course it quietened down a bit but we still cycled in traffic the whole way today.  A lot of the highway is still under construction so we had to contend with construction vehicles as well.

After twenty eight kilometers we called a halt and sat down to a big plate of rice and crispy pork.  A much larger serving than usual and we cycled the last few kilometers up to the Ranong province border at crest of a gentle climb with full bellies.

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That didn't stop us from enjoying some watermelon and an ice-cream when we arrived in Kraburi !  While we were enjoying them we saw another couple of the cyclists pass by heading westwards.

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We made our way to Pannika Resort just west of the town.  It features in a number of cyclist's journals and found the couple who had past us while we were eating earlier on waiting for a room to become available.  The proprietor welcomed us with some cold water and asked us to wait so had a good long natter with the other cyclists, an elderly couple of well-traveled Germans.  Pannika might be well known and the proprietor very friendly and helpful but it is not great value for money.  Still, it is a good enough stop for the night.

After a bit of work and a rest, we cycled down to the river that marks the border between Thailand and Myanmar.  Then some supper and some snacks for breakfast so we can get an early start for Ranong in the morning - we have a booking for two nights on Koh Payam and need to catch the two o'clock ferry tomorrow afternoon.

Today's ride: 68 km (42 miles)
Total: 107 km (66 miles)

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