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October 16, 2018

Sata Misaki

The rain came down again last night and carried on for most of the morning. Even though our campsite has everything we need (apart from an electrical outlet) we couldn't stay there for ever So we set off southwards with the rain falling gently. 

The route along the coast was lovely.  Quiet and scenic with lots of small climbs and dips.  At Minamiosumi we picked up provisions for the next 24 hours.  This was our last chance because from here onward it would be small fishing villages. In a way it reminded me of Patagonia with having to ensure our pantry was stocked and having to make do if we didn't.  Throughout Japan we have usually been sure we would be able to find food somewhere - only once did we go to bed hungry! 

A large-billed crow photo bombs my picture.
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Quiet country roads.
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Lots of these beautiful spiders along the way.
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Lots of hills.
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Last push before the tunnel at the top.
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Soon we hit a long hill as we headed inland culminating in the inevitable tunnel. Then it was a big dipper ride until we got to the spot marking 31 degrees latitude. I have read a couple of journals where people did the ride from Kawagawa campsite to Cape Sata and back in one day but it must be hard work with all the hills, particularly if you do all the walks at the Cape as we did. After the Cape we returned about two and a half kilometers to the bus stop for the shuttle bus that gets used in the busy periods where were going to spend the night.

31 degrees north - we started north of 45 degrees.
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Sata Misaka in the background.
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A temporary "path" to the viewpoint.
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Today's ride: 51 km (32 miles)
Total: 3,230 km (2,006 miles)

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