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October 17, 2018


I guess last night could be almost termed "stealth" camping because a bus stop isn't really a campsite.  But it's not that we we hidden - the supervisor came past to switch off the lights and lock up the toilets while I was having a good scrub in the disabled loo and he kindly left the disabled loo unlocked and gave me a friendly greeting - but we still felt we needed to get the tent packed away  before anyone else arrived this morning.

Then it was hard graft for the first ten kilometers until we reached the tunnel.

We were supposed to have taken this picture yesterday. Everyone seems to comment that the sign says 2700 Km but all cyclists log a lot more than that between the two points.
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The weather was looking pretty grotty and we wondered whether we would be able to camp for the night.  After the hills we turned northwards up the coast into a fresh headwind.  The sky was leaden and the wind was cold.  Suddenly the clouds opened, the sun shone and the everything seemed a lot brighter.

South of Minamiosumi, there are a lot of scarecrows who seem to have forgotten their primary roll in the rice paddies.  Here are some of our favourites.

Scarecrow Mum doing the laundry.
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Sporty family of scarecrows.
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At Minamiosumi we took a long break at a konbini and pondered our next move.  The Ogawa Waterfall was about ten kilometers away but would there was a big climb to get there and our legs felt like lead.  In the end we decided to take the ferry across the bay to Ibusuki.  The ferry was empty and very fast - twenty minutes was all we needed to get there.

52 seats and we could choose any of them that we wanted.
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A view of our campsite from the ferry.
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Then we picked up some ciabatta at a local bakery, some pastrami and fresh salad vegetables at a nearby supermarket and headed for a campsite just out of town.  It had an onsen nearby and so after a good scrub and soak we enjoyed a non-konbini supper under the most cloud free sky we have enjoyed since we have been in Japan.

Today's ride: 42 km (26 miles)
Total: 3,272 km (2,032 miles)

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