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October 18, 2018 to October 20, 2018


It was a very lazy start from the campsite outside Ibusuki.  I am normally the one chivvying Leigh along but today she was the one marking time while I packed up.

We have been having tailwinds for most of the week or so but now that we are heading north, the seasonal northerly winds are providing a some resistance.  So it was a pretty hard slog up a very boring and busy road to Kagoshima. 

We are booked into the APA Hotel near the Chuo station for the next two nights to catch up on work, which we have been avoiding it for a while.  This is the third APA we have stayed at.  Just a simple budget business hotel but you do get a yukata and some origama squeezed into the small space that is the bedroom.

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In many ways we feel that, after reaching Sata Misaki, the trip is now over and we are just marking time.  In reality, we still have to finalize a plan to get to Kansai Airport with bicycles boxed by the end of the month.  This means we still have some cycling to do and some opportunities for doing stuff.  Let's see how it all pans out.

On our second day in Kagoshima, we had a special date.  Teisuke Sugawara, who had hosted us in Aikita, had arranged for us to have a celebration lunch of udon noodles at a stall run by one of his old cycling buddies from the Waseda University Cycling Club of which he was a founding member.  So after making a bit of of dent in our work to-do list, we headed off for lunch.  The stall was about eight kilometers away in an Aeon Mall we had passed on the way into Kagoshima the day before.  Our first thought was to use the tram system to get their but after wandering around the train/bus/tram station for half an hour we headed back to the familiarity of our bicycles and cycled there instead.  

The noodle stall in the Aeon Mall
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Udon topped with tempura prawn and vegetables.
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Eating udon noodles is supposed to bring good luck.  We have had so much good fortune on this trip already, especially with meeting some lovely friendly and kind people.  

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We ended up spending three nights in Kagoshima.  The current plan is to take the Tuesday night ferry from Shibushi to Osaka so we have lots of time available.

Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 3,337 km (2,072 miles)

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