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October 14, 2018 to October 15, 2018


Keiko spoiled us with breakfast on the house.   Some great Japanese staples - rice, miso soup, fried tofu, fish, vegetables, omelette, fruit and salad.

Breakfast with Keiko
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We had given Keiko a bottle of wine last night - a Chilean Pinot Noir with a bicycle on the label - and she responded with some gifts for us this morning.  Nice light things that we can carry on the bikes - some lovely coasters and towels with enscriptions in kanji.

Exchanging gifts.
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After doing our laundry we said our good byes and set off on some back roads for the first part of our short ride for the day.  It took us down towards the Kanoya Rose Gardens after which we joined the main road along the coast towards Cape Sata.

Back on country roads.
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The forest below the Kanoya Rose Garden.,
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We had identified a Kamikawa Campsite as a possible stop (we had expected to sleep here two nights ago) but were considering carrying on all the way to Cape Sata.  When we got to the campsite at midday it had everything we needed - a konbini, a michi-no-eki, an onsen and a great view across the bay - so we stopped for the day and set up the tent.

We whiled away the time strolling along the beach, bird watching (picking up some nice waders) and relaxing at the onsen.  All in all, a very chilled and enjoyable day.

There is rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning but we expect to make Cape Sata, our most southerly point, tomorrow afternoon.

The next day ...

Well, the rain came down last night and carried on for most of the morning.  So it was an easy decision to spend another day here.  Sata Misaki will have to wait another day.

A wet tent and an easy campsite makes it difficult to leave.
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Today's ride: 30 km (19 miles)
Total: 3,179 km (1,974 miles)

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