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October 12, 2018 to October 13, 2018


The little island in front of last night's camp.
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Even in the best of worlds there are some days when everything just seems flat and lifeless.  We cycled on slowly feeling pretty unexcited with Cape Sata only a couple of days away.  In the end end decided to find a place to put our feet up for a day or so and that's what we did.

We have found a little cottage just outside Kanoya that doesn't cost too much and we are combining a rest with a bit of work

Daikon - a Japanese staple. There are some pet rabbits in the yard of our digs and they also eat daikon.
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We had initially booked and paid for just one night, so this morning I went to pay for a second night and the owner, the very bubbly and friendly Keiko, invited us to join them for a BBQ that evening.  The evening started with a glass of sochu, the local firewater, to loosen the tongues and get the conversation going before we got stuck into the food.  We enjoyed a great evening with Keiko and a group of other folk, including her son and his girlfriend as well as a guest Takahiro, from Fukuoka, and Inagaki from Shizuoka.  Keiko, Takahiro and Inagaki could all speak English so it was great to spend the time chatting with them.

Keiko doing the BBQ.
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Keiko and Inagaki.
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Things seem to have a got a bit fuzzy by the time the group photo got done.
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Today's ride: 38 km (24 miles)
Total: 3,149 km (1,956 miles)

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