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September 22, 2018


We were working soon after waking up at about five o'clock this morning after getting some good work done last night.  As we approached check out time, the realization that staying in the hotel and getting another day's work in would be the best thing to do grew on us, so that's what we did.  We have a chunk of work that is nearly finished and it would be great if we could get it done before we head for Shikoku via Shodo Island.

I guess the way we live - working while traveling by bicycle - might be difficult for some people to relate to, but it works for us.

At about midday, we walked up to Himeji Castle, the reason why we came this way.  It was just over a kilometer away from our hotel but the castle and its grounds are so big that we walked a lot further.  It is truly a magnificent structure and one of the highlights of our visits to Japan.  It exceeds any of the other Japanese castles we have visited by its beauty and size and I would recommend a visit to it to anyone in this area.

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Scott AndersonGreat shot of the castle. This was maybe my favorite site in Japan.
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1 year ago

Afterwards it was a quick visit to the Koko-en gardens next to the castle - far less impressive - maybe the castle was just to good ?

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Then it was back to work.  

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