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August 23, 2018


We started the day feeling pretty fresh after yesterday's rest.  We had a headwind for much of the time but the weather was as good as it has been so we didn't mind too much.  The direct route to Asahikawa would have been along the busy route 40 but we tried to take in as much of the countryside as we could, even though in the end this added about ten kilometers to the distance.  It was worth it. We rode through farmland for much of the time, lots of it rice paddies but also lots of fields of vegetables.  

Rice paddies were a feature of the day
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The route was mostly flat with only one climb of about a hundred and fifty meters around halfway.  This gave us a nice downhill towards the town of Pittu.  As we approached Pittu we came upon this sign for a ladies-only gym.

They don't mince their words on Hokkaido
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We stopped for lunch in Pittu and then stumbled upon a lovely cycle track that took us all the way to our lovely free campsite in a treed park in Asahikawa.  There was an Onsen about eight hundred meters away with a number of konbinis close by.  Camping in Hokkaido is so easy!

Today's ride: 77 km (48 miles)
Total: 789 km (490 miles)

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