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January 13, 2022

A short week.

The week in the Karoo ended up being short by a four days!

The heat and the wind has convinced us that it would be foolish to do the planned loop to the west of Steytlerville.  The forecast maximums are between thirty four and thirty eight degrees with fresh south-easterly winds.  The cycling during the first few hours of the day would be OK but we would have been pretty miserable camping.  The other big issue would have been water because we are using far more than we expected.  We have already resorted to using water pumped for livestock and there is no guarantee that if we had to do it again we would be so lucky to get good water again.

None the less, we have enjoyed the three days on the road on the loop east of Steytlerville and it partially satisfied our need to get back on the bicycles.  We're already talking about a longer loop through the same area once the summer heat starts coming to an end.

Until next time.

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Bill ShaneyfeltWell, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for posting!
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2 years ago
Mike AylingAbsolutely the correct decision J-M.
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2 years ago