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I'm afraid we never did get to call on the man we met that first day. Sorry.

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Suzanne GibsonAn enigmatic end to your trip! I kept waiting for more. But I guess returning to Colombo completed the circle and that was the end.
I loved your vignettes of cycling in Sri Lanka. I trust you are now safely back home now.
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11 months ago
Graham SmithHi Leo,
I thoroughly enjoyed your journal and have now put "Cycle tour Sri Lanka" on my To Do List. It looks and sounds to be an interesting and reasonably comfortable country to pedal around now that peace has broken out.
Do you have another tour planned?
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7 months ago
Leo WoodlandHi Graham

Sorry about the tardy reply. We've been wandering about France for a month. I'm glad you enjoyed the Sri Lankan trip. We got to see much of the island yet we left with the feeling that we wished there'd been still more. Do go!
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6 months ago
Leo WoodlandTo Suzanne GibsonHi Suzanne. I'm so sorry. Did I never reply to your message? Yes, safely home, just in time for Colombo airport and then the whole island to close behind us. It was a lovely ride and I left wishing there'd been more of the island to visit. How about you? Are you still adventuring?
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6 months ago