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May 28, 2022


We needed to be out of the albergue by eight o'clock but we stretched things a bit because we were in no rush given the short day ahead of us.  Spending time chatting to the hostalero from the Bronx gave our delaying tactics some legitimacy with him seeming reluctant to let us go.  We added some extra time to our delay by sitting outside the albergue with various other peregrinos (all clearly struggling with this walking business and waiting to catch a bus) during which Leigh did some Spanish lessons on DuoLingo and I sorted out our accommodation for tomorrow night.

The Cuevas de Castillo or Castle Caves on the southern edge of Nájera. They have been in use for for possibly three thousand years but were last used by Italians during the Spanish Civil War.
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The ride to Navarrete was really pleasant.  A steady climb for the first two thirds and a great downhill for the last third.  With no time pressure we took our time and enjoyed the ride.  Of course we missed a turn off and added a few kilometers to the short route but this often happens when we are relaxed.

We arrived in Navarette more than two hours before our digs would open so we wasted the time in the town square eating an early lunch.  Our digs are on the outskirts of town and we spent another hour there waiting for the hostalero to open up.

After a quick shower, we headed off to Bodega Montecillo, blindly following the directions Google provided.  Bad move.  We didn't make the same mistake on the ride back.

Google's route.
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We spent a great hour and a half with the wonderfully bubbly and engaging lady whom I had spoken with yesterday while she gave us a decent basic understanding of the wines of La Rioja and Bodega Montecillo's interpretation of them.  We enjoyed some decent wines spread across various styles and price points but traveling by bicycle means buying a few cases is out of the question.  Two groups of locals, one all female and the other all male but both pretty raucous, provided even more entertainment for us as well as the sales consultant who managed to flog quite a bit of wine to the guys in particular.

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With only a couple of kilometers back to our digs the spittoon wasn't needed.
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Today's ride: 25 km (16 miles)
Total: 2,193 km (1,362 miles)

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