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April 22, 2022


Today was never going to be a good one.  The weather forecast suggested low temperatures and heavy rain for the whole day and that is how it turned out.   I didn't take a single photograph today - it was just too cold and wet.

To add to the weather, we struggled to get a good night's sleep in the full albergue.  Lots of talking, snoring and farting in a room with twelve people was always going to make sleeping difficult.  We tried not to let that get us down buit it was a relief when the last of the walkers disappeared into the rain this morning leaving us with the lone other cyclist, who was fast asleep after only heading to bed after midnight.

If it weren't for the rain today's ride would have been really enjoyable.  The route wound its way through gentle hills and deepish valley that has been turned into a large dam constructed on the Tagus River before climbing up to the small town of Cañaveral.

The local albergue only had dorm beds available and we wanted somewhere where we could spread out and dry our sopping wet clothes so we booked into a hostal on the northern side of town.  After watching our clothes hardly dry at all over the past few hours we cadged the use of a tumble dryer out of the proprietor so hopefully we will have dry clothes in which to cycle tomorrow.

We are going to have to kick on from here but tomorrow also has rain forecast.  We're hoping to make it to Aldeanueva del Camino if the rain isn't too bad.  The days following that are dry but still quite cold, not the worst conditions for cycling so long as the wind doesn't get in our way.

Today's ride: 35 km (22 miles)
Total: 878 km (545 miles)

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