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March 27, 2021


It was good to get off the N6, even though the time we spent on it yesterday wasn't too long.  Today's road had no shoulder but the surface was excellent and it was wide enough for us to feel safe.  The traffic was light and the views were good so we had a really enjoyable ride.  Just like yesterday, it was largely uphill but we did have one decent descent to enjoy.

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The town of Zastron lies on the eastern slopes of the Aasvoelberg, or Vulture Mountain.  The western side of the mountain, as seen as we approached from Rouxville, was painted white with excreta from the Cape Vulture (Gyps coprotheres) colony that roosts there.

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On arrival in Zastron we headed for what looked like the best place to eat in town (Nell's Restuarant) and enjoyed a pizza and a beer for lunch.  I popped into the local Spar for a quick bit of grocery shopping while Leigh chatted to locals outside the shop.  Zastron is a much more substantial town than Rouxville with far more industry visible but unemployment is still a major issue.  Leigh was quite taken  by the unemployed guy she spent most of the time talking to and it is sad to see folks who want to work being reliant on government grants to survive.  After that we headed up the hill to our digs.  We are staying a really nice cottage at a place called Vulture Lodge, on the outskirts of town and part of the way up the mountain.  

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Today's ride: 38 km (24 miles)
Total: 750 km (466 miles)

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