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April 12, 2021


The weather is a lot less autumnal compared to a couple of weeks ago and it seems that summer is attempting a last hurrah.  Mornings are easily into double figures and by midday the temperature reaches the upper twenties.  And so it was again today and we got pretty hot as the ride went on.  What was in out favour was the wind.  At this time of the year I would expect it to be coming from the south-west, which is the direction it has been blowing for the last week or so, but today we had a light northerly breeze to help us on our journey southwards.

The first twenty kilometers were on pretty rough unpaved roads until we got to Clocolan where we rejoined the R26 that we had ridden northwards eleven days ago.  It was as busy today as it was then but the two meter wide shoulder made it stress free.  From Clocolan northwards there is no shoulder to speak of and our circuit via Bethlehem, Paul Roux and Rosendal was largely made to avoid riding that section again.

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The damage caused by the heavy summer rains is evident all along the road.
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And so we are back in Ladybrand staying once again in the cottage owned by Thandi, a local artist.  We will be spending two nights here to rest up after six days of riding.  After more than fifty kilometers of dusty roads over the last two days the bicycles are filthy and I will use some of our rest day here in Ladybrand to clean the chains at the very least.

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Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 1,367 km (849 miles)

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