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March 31, 2021


Despite our lovely digs, I find Ladybrand a bit of a disappointment.  The state of the road up from Hobhouse should have prepared us - I have seldom seen a town in South Africa whose streets are in such poor condition.  The business and shopping district is grubby and unkempt and its only redeeming features appears to be the sandstone Dutch Reformed Church.

It's history is also somewhat depressing.  To quote from Wikipedia:

"Founded in 1867 following the Basotho Wars, it was named after Lady (Catharina) Brand, the wife of the president of the Orange Free State, Johannes Brand.  The settlement of Ladybrand was created by Voortrekkers to give them control over the territories conquered and captured after the Basotho war. In 1900, during the Second Anglo-Boer War, Ladybrand came under the control of the British."

Which does little to allow me to steer my mind away from the irrationality of nationalism and imperialism - the British kicked the Afrikaaners and they in turn kicked the Sothos who in turn (and along with almost every other group in South Africa) kicked the San.  It's a habit that itself seems hard to kick and is a theme that has been dogging us for much of this trip.

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None the less, we have had a good rest here.  A time to catch up on work and laundry.  And to repair my slipslops with a cable-tie.

Perversely, it is now more comfortable than it was in its original state.
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Today's ride: 2 km (1 miles)
Total: 923 km (573 miles)

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