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April 6, 2021


Last night's early supper at the local brewery revealed how much of a tourist town Clarens really is.  Despite it being Monday night, the town square and the restaurants surrounding it were packed with out of town visitors.  The meal at the brewery was unexceptional but the beers were OK.

A free flight of eight beers to taste. A sensible way to allow one to make a choice.
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Today has been a wonderful rest day.  I cycled up the the village center to buy a few groceries, the really pleasant surprise being a good coffee shop where I was able to get some Yirgacheffe freshly ground for me - African grown coffee, especially that from Ethiopia, is my favourite.  We had the use of a washing machine so we got all our laundry done.  Then we wandered back to the center to enjoy a pricey but not spectacular lunch.

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The tan from Leigh's cycling shirts doesn't match the cut of the dress that she has carried around this whole trip for occasions like this.
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Tomorrow we are taking a day ride to Golden Gate and back.  If we get it right it will be the first trip in a long time that we have vaguely stuck to our original plans.

Today's ride: 2 km (1 miles)
Total: 1,092 km (678 miles)

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