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December 6, 2020

On the Road to the Sunshine State

Arriving in Arizona
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What? London Bridge??!!
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Jon AylingThat's where it went - we've still got Tower Bridge though!
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6 months ago
marilyn swettTo Jon AylingI thinkI would rather visit the Tower Bridge. This one was rather unimpressive!
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6 months ago
Getting near our 1st biking/camping destination on the Colorado River.
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Today was our long slog from Denver to Arizona. Because of Covid restrictions for travellers in New Mexico, we decided to do the drive in one day. That meant up at dawn, hook up the Ascape and head south. 

The drive went fine and other than getting gas a few times, we didn't stop for anything as we had all of our food/beverages with us. 

We arrived at about 6pm at Homolovi State Park near Winslow, AZ. It was dark and very cold out which made the next chore difficult. We had to move all of the totes and items stored on the floor in the middle of trailer so we could get inside to eat dinner and sleep. 

Other than out on the picnic table, there wasn't anyplace to put most items. But we did eventually move all of our bottles of soda and other liquids into the trailer for the night since it was predicted to be below zero. 

We also had a bit of an issue when our turning on our propane tanks as one of them was leaking gas. Luckily we have 2 bottles, so we were able to just use one tonight. We definately needed propane as our frig and furnace run off of the gas. 

Crisis averted, we had a quick cold dinner of food we had brought from home and went to bed early. 

The stars were amazing here with views of the Milky Way! Sometime we'll have to come back for one of their star parties.

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