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December 7, 2020

Heading for the Warm Zone

We're camped on the Colorado River south of Lake Havasu City. It's a hopping place!
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Another shot of the river and an RV resort on the other side. It's amazing how many people spend the winter in this region.
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Here's the baby at our site at River Island State Park. A nice location surrounded by mountains with the river on one side. Notice the colorful wind spinners on our awning. We put those on to help us not walk into the awning arms when they were extended.
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Another shot of the Ascape.
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It was 11 degrees when we woke up this morning! Yikes, where's the warm AZ we're searching for? Well, not in Northern Arizona which is where we spent the night.

After a liesurely breakfast, we loaded up and by 9 am were on the road again, headed for Lake Havasu. 

As with our drive yesterday, we followed I-40 west which is the original Route 66. It was fun to reminisce about our bike tour on 66 with all of its iconic buildings and sculptures. 

By 2 pm we arrived at River Island State Park which is on the Colorado River south of Lake Havasu City. It will be our home for the next 6 days. It's a nice smaller park situated right on the river and surrounded by towering cliffs. It was definately warmer here which made our setting up camp chores easier. 

Don spent time draining all of the antifreeze out of our water system which he had put in while the trailer was in Denver. Next he put bleach into the system to disinfect our water lines and potable water tank. That will sit overnight and be drained out tomorrow.

By then we were both tired from the long drive and chores, so had dinner and went to bed early.

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