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July 15, 2021

Day 45: Rest day in Bemidji

Errands done

“Thank you for breakfast,” we say to Mary who fixed us blueberry pancakes and bacon. She had a late start for work today and it was nice to have more time for a visit. Her day is full and we may not see her again tonight.

After breakfast, we broke one of our rules: no riding our bikes on rest days.

We are 2 miles from downtown and have several errands to do. And we can ride back into town entirely on bike paths. First on Mary’s suggestion, we continue past the visitor’s center to see the statue of Shaynowishkung, “He who Rattles”.

“When settler-colonists arrived in the area in 1888, Shaynowishkung told them the name of the lake: Bemijigamaag, an Ojibwe word that means “water running crosswise through the lake.” They misunderstood, however, and thought he was giving them his own name. As a result, they called him Chief Bemidji, and some sources state that later on they named the city of Bemidji after him. He was a beloved figure among Ojibwe people and settlers, known for being a peacemaker who brought cultures together."

When the Great Northern Railroad surveyed directly through his property for building the rail line, as with many Federal policies, there are “Promises Made, Promises Broken”. The result for the American Indians is a great loss of land. They are moved to Cass Lake area.

The second errand is to the post office to mail home Patrick’s treasures and clothes we no longer need. Next, we stop at the Goodwill Store to pick up another book to read. Yes, we carry books. On the way back to Mary’s we go to the supermarket for tonight’s dinner of tacos, and supplies for the road. 

Errands complete, we enjoy the day. Still no word from home about our cat, Yedi.

Music Festival downtown last night
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Mary is executive director of the local food bank, she showed us their warehouse and farm
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Shirts mailed home
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Mary and her garden
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Riding back into town on the Blue Ox connector
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Mailing treasures home
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Art on a street corner
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Tomorrow the Paul Bunyan Trail
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Today's ride: 7 miles (11 km)
Total: 1,806 miles (2,906 km)

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