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October 7, 2014


It is now almost two months since we arrived back from our amazing trip. It seems like a wonderful dream to be carefully stored in our memories and brought out from time to time to delight us. The less pleasant things like the ghastly long flight home have faded and even they seem rather exciting. Our minds of course have turned to what we will do on 'Our next last cycle tour'. It is a hard decision because perhaps it could be the last but we have made it. Yesterday I booked our flights to Frankfurt on July 30th and back to Auckland from Madrid on 13th October and we are dreaming up allsorts of exciting places to go between the two.

In the meantime I will do what old ladies really should do, enjoy my garden and dead head the roses. I might even make a wall hanging depicting our cycle trips.

Join us again towards the end of July when excitement will be building and Ken will be wondering how many ancient tractors he will see between Franfurt and Madrid.

I really should get out there and dead head the roses
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