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May 7, 2023

Day 1: It’s just a good vibration

Where I FINALLY start the ride to Cincinnati

With Marky-Mark and the Funky Bunch singing “Good Vibration” in the background, you’re probably happy I’m finally getting around to starting the tour. Well, that makes both of us. It has been two long days of driving and small rides and a tour of a lake freighter. Today starts the 320-mile 6-day journey back to my car and I am SO ready for this. 

The view from my room was quite alright watching the scene in Cleveland turn to night
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It was Sunday morning so my breakfast options were somewhat limited. There’s not a lot open downtown either that serves breakfast, or serves before 10:30 brunch. I wanted to hit the road - you know, because this is the day that starts the ride back to my car. Normally when I depart early in the morning and the hotel is breakfast-less, I’ll search out a McDonalds as it’s a good fuel for the day with coffee, all under $10. Today I chose Dunkin’ Donuts and a sourdough breakfast sandwich. Meh. But, the coffee was good, the sandwich was edible, so that fueled me to my arrival in Akron at 12:30.

Less than an hour after daybreak I was leaving Cleveland in my wake
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Weaving through city streets the trail was found and now I’m Akron bound
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The trail winds its way through urban infrastructure as it makes its way to the Cuyahoga River valley and parallels the old Ohio canal. You’ll pass underneath many overpasses for turnpikes, interstates, state roads, railroad lines, etc. until you get into a rural area quicker than you’d think, about 6 miles. It seems as though you’re a world away. 

Two hundred years from now do you think they’ll celebrate the only thing standing is our interstates?
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On my way along the trail passing by an old roundhouse location
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This is what the trail becomes as it goes along the path of the old Ohio canal. It’s mostly asphalt paved but even the sections of hard-packed crushed limestone are very smooth-rolling. So far, the planners of this path have done a very good job linking these cycle ways together.

My two-wheeled vehicle of mobility allows me to enjoy this peaceful tranquility
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Rain threatened all day, and even as I rolled into Akron. In fact, it did rain in Akron as the streets were wet as I rolled in, but nothing poured down on me. Had the luck of the Irish I did today. Good wind, but no rain.

You can see the skies behind this overpass for a train; all day long they threatened rain
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The station attendant thought I was a tease when I said “Fill ‘we up, please”
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On the canal there’s lots of history to explore. What proof? How ‘bout this old store?
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I chased this train twice today. I saw it loading passengers in peninsula, and then a little ways down the trail heard the train horn signaling it was departing. I set up the video camera and started recording as a I heard it come barreling through the woods, and then passed into a tunnel underneath it just as the train rolled over. I heard the whistle/horn multiple times as we both rolled south through the valley. It beat me into Akron and then I saw it on its way back and BAM! Caught it as it passed over again.

The railway goes over the trailway
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Tomorrow is the big 70-mile day so I have to get rested up for that. Today was the first long cycle touring day since last year’s Katy Trail. And tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day. Should have packed my chamois cream.

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Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 61 miles (98 km)

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