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July 8, 2014

The End Is Near

Leominster, MA

Two more waves of storms came through last night but the morning was again sunny and pretty.  I hung around my site until mid-morning, drinking coffee, letting my tent dry out, and trying to extend my last night of camping as long as possible.

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The morning part of my bike ride was still mostly rural with small towns, hills and forests.  That all ended at the city of Gardner.  Heavier traffic, constant development, and several busy road construction projects for the next ten miles signaled the fact that I was entering greater Boston.

I talked to a cop who was directing traffic at one of the road construction zones in Fitchburg.  If there was any doubt that I was nearing Boston, his accent totally erased that.  He sounded like the Mark Wahlberg character in The Departed.  To him, I likely sounded like the William H. Macy character in Fargo. 

Tomorrow will be my last day of riding.  I feel a bit melancholy.  The good news is that I have a couple of days to spend in the Cambridge/Boston area and I will be visiting some old friends who I haven't seen in many years.  I will report back on my experiences in Boston and my encounters with Massachutians (Massachooters?  Massachunatics?  Massachufusses?  Whatever they're called) in a few days.

Today's ride: 38 miles (61 km)
Total: 1,697 miles (2,731 km)

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