Some Random Thoughts From An Aimless Mind (Awaiting Departure Day): Part One - America's Most Naive Bike Tourist Rides From MN to MA - CycleBlaze

Some Random Thoughts From An Aimless Mind (Awaiting Departure Day): Part One

There can be no doubt that I have the most tolerant and understanding wife in the entire world.  My wife (The Feeshko) has been supportive of all my adventures throughout our married lives.  True, it took a little EXTRA work last year to get her to approve a 40-day absence, but she eventually came around.  And when I proposed this year's bike trip, her response was a smile, a shrug of the shoulders and a look of resignation that seemed to say, "How did I know something like this was coming?"  And she probably knows that she is going to get a similar request next year.

Of course a good marriage goes both ways.  If my wife told me she wanted to go off on some adventure for a month or two, I would support her all the way.  I would miss her, obviously, but I would miss her while listening to loud music, drinking beer with breakfast, and doing the dishes once every two weeks.

On a completely different subject, I rode my bike yesterday on some rural roads south of my home in preparation for my big ride to the east coast.  As I often do, I called out to farm animals as I rode.  English is my primary language, but I speak passable Cow and Horse.  My Pig could use some work, but I know enough about the language to know that no genuine pig actually says "oink."  The animals never answer me, but they do seem to pay attention.

This horse seems to be somewhat less than captivated by my monologue.
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