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September 24, 2021

El Camaron

A glance at the register at Cuartos San Francisco revealed that we were the second guests since the beginning of September.  There was one in August and another in June.  That's it for the year!  So we were quite surprised when two couple arrived just as the sun was setting and the electrical power failing.  We sweated it out in our windowless room until the power came back on later that night when the fan made sleeping a lot easier.

It was only just over fifty three kilometers but we had to work hard for every one of them.  The day started with a long climb followed by a lovely downhill with the second half being a roller coaster ending in the town of El Camaron.

Climbing out of San Pedro Totolapan. The arable bits of the valley filled with maize and onions.
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The climb was really beautiful which made the effort worthwhile.
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Always nice to see this sign.
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Looking back into the valley with San Pedro Totolapan just visible.
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After the descent the road followed the river and so we climbed and dropped as the road found the easiest way through the valley.
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A truck load of agave hearts.
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Mezcal in the making.
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We're quite tired and El Camaron seems to be a depressed little town.  We were greeted, if that is the correct word, at the one operating hotel by three women of various ages doing their best to push lethargy to a new limit and were shown a filthy little room that had obviously not been cleaned for a while.  I took it upon myself to check out each room and found one with a window, two beds and a fan.  It will do for the night now that I have persuaded the cleaning lady to take care of it.  At M$350 we can't expect too much (M$280 for the smaller rooms).

Today's ride: 53 km (33 miles)
Total: 567 km (352 miles)

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Scott AndersonThanks for this dose of perspective. We’ll quit complaining that we’re having trouble figuring out how to operate the washer/drier and induction burner in our Slovenian apartment.
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