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September 14, 2021

Bus to Oaxaca

Today’s plan was to catch the bus to Oaxaca, about 220 kilometers of big hills and limited facilities away.  The journals I have read mostly describe it as a hard slog and I know it seems like we are chickening out but we are here to enjoy ourselves. We’ve been around the block a few times too many to feel we need to pass the test and besides we would most likely fail or get divorced.

The problem with our plan was the bus is scheduled to leave Tehuacan at eight thirty in the evening arriving in Oaxaca just before midnight.  So the three challenges are making it through the day with no real place to stay, getting the bus driver to accept the bicycles and finding an open hotel once we reach Oaxaca.

The first part wasn’t too difficult. We only needed to check out of our hotel room at one o’clock.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel restaurant spacing out a few drinks and a pasta lunch until almost six o’clock in the evening. I also used the time to pop out to the ADO bus terminal, only a few hundred meters from the hotel, to buy our bus tickets using cash because apparently that would mean we could get a refund should the bus driver refuse to take our bicycles.

Tickets bought. Let's just get the bicycles onto the bus.
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While waiting at the bus terminal in Tehuacan I phoned ahead to check whether a hostel a few hundred meters from the bus terminal in Oaxaca would be open at midnight. 

Waiting for the bus.
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Getting the bicycles onto the bus was no problem at all and the three and a bit hour journey to Oaxaca passed quickly and without incident.

It took a bit of ringing of the gate bell to gain entry into the hostel but we were eventually admitted and were in bed soon after midnight.

We're moving to other digs tomorrow and will spend four more nights here.

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