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May 18, 2018

Planned Route and Various Details

As an admitted Francophile, it was only logical that my first extended tour would include a large section in France.  After considering various options as to distance, duration, and degree of difficulty, I designed a trip to explore canals and rivers of France. I will start in Burgundy, on the Canal du Nivernais, then travel along the Loire, down the Canal du Garonne and Canal du Midi to the Mediterranean, and up the Rhone before returning to Burgundy.  I will be staying mostly in small hotels, Airbnbs, and with Warmshowers hosts.

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My previous self-contained tours were done on Dixxie, my 1990 Trek 520.  Desiring a lighter bike with the comforts of steel - one I could ride all day and easily carry up and down stairs - I indulged myself with a new titanium gravel bike, christened Vivien George.  I'll refrain from listing additional details on the bike or other gear here, but will happily respond to any inquiries.

Susan and Dixxie, Noyers, France 2015
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New bike day!
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Jeanie RedickBigger smile!!! Lighter countenance - hmm ... must be the retirement mojo!!
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6 years ago

We leave for France in a couple of days and, after visiting favorite haunts and friends, will start riding on June 1.  I can hardly wait!

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Melodee WalkerHave a fabulous ride Susan!
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6 years ago