We've been riding in the rain and fighting this headwind all day - not us!: Day 41 - Bergland MI to Lake Michigamme MI - And Then We Pedalled...... Cross Canada 2015 - CycleBlaze

July 13, 2015

We've been riding in the rain and fighting this headwind all day - not us!: Day 41 - Bergland MI to Lake Michigamme MI

We had a small schadenfreude moment today when we came across two other cyclists who were headed north west. They were on day 1 of a several day tour to the end of the upper peninsula and for them this wasn't a good day.

But your perspective on the day can be completely different if you're going in a different direction. We were.

We got off to a good start. Although it rained last night, all of us (Claude and Martin, Bill and Kirsten and me) pitched our tents in the large picnic shelters at the campsite. By the time we got packed up it had quit raining and we made our way back to Antonio's for breakfast. My new 'favorite waitress' wasn't there but the whole town was (again). It seems like this place is the social hub of the community.

I had a very large Denver omelette Kirsten a stack of pan cakes and bacon, and then we were on the road.

We had a decent tailwind most of the day and the terrain was rolling hills. Quite pretty..

At about 11:30 it started to rain a little and we pushed on through it until we stopped for lunch at the Sidnaw Grill. Once again we were the only people in there so we had a good talk with the owner. I just realized that it should be shame on me for not getting her name or the by now obligatory photo with Kirsten.

While we were having lunch the rain stopped and we continued the rest of the day in pretty ideal cycling conditions.

Nothing really exciting to talk about today,just nice county and nice people. We stocked up on food for camping tonight and tomorrow, made it into the campground at about 6.

Showered, fed and laundry done by 8 and then I sat down to write this journal. That's also when around 500,000' Mosquitos also decided to sit down and suck blood from anything they could find and as result we are cowering in our tent and I'm falling asleep.

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Song of the day:

Prodigal Daughter by Michelle Shocked

A slowed down bluegrass tune that reflects on the different gender standards our society applies. How many bluegrass tunes do that!

Hard to find any MS on You Tube (she had a little spate of political correctness notoriety a few years back) .. so just go get the CD and give it a listen!

Historical monument of the day:

Drew a blank today


Antonia's specials.... We decided to keep biking and not wait around for the goulash on wednesda
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You can get donuts with your live bait here!
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Old chimney still standing, looks like it might have been a ''50's era lodge. Maybe financial lightning?
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Came across this place right around lunch time. The sign on the bottom right is usually a beacon to cycle tourers. The sign at the top left caused us to keep on pedalling
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Hey Callum, look where Hoppy ended up
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This is what we were riding on most of the day. It sky cleared up in the afternoon!
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Our camp at lake Michigamme, Claude, Martin, Bill, Kirsten and me. Plus about 50 other people encased in their 60 ft metal sarcophogus's
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The beach at lake Michigamme
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Lake Michigamme with storm clouds brewing. The Mosquitos chased us into our tents before the rain did, but we woke up to rain that lasted most of the morning.
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No beer but ice cream at the camp store!
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Today's ride: 132 km (82 miles)
Total: 4,182 km (2,597 miles)

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