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Taking my life for a ride

A chicken fuelled journey across SE Asia

By Victa Calvo
2,010 km (1,248 miles) over 107 days between Jun. 5, 2015 and Sep. 19, 2015


First things first: A title before a start date? or destination? heart 1
Destination still unknown ...: but starting in Singapore heart 0

Singapore & Malaysia

Scooting along: sleeping rough heart 1
Riding out of town: Oh yes, this is SE Asia.... heart 0
From Pontian to Malacca: Overcooked, he resorts to the Sponge Bobs heart 1
Contradictions: Contrasts & Crisis heart 0
Cycling to Pangkor: It was 40 years ago ... heart 7
Off to Penang: He's off to a slow start and grinds through a slow finish heart 7


Bound for Trang: It's the wet season here... heart 2
Riding down Krabi: Uncertainty takes getting used to, but an umbrella helps heart 8
Krabi to Phang Nga: snorkelling forth... heart 0
Rest Days: The nature of paradox heart 4
Towards Ranong: but not quite... heart 7
Pak Nam Langsuan: There were hills heart 3
To Chumphon and beyond: I'm sticking to the east coast for a while... heart 7
Riding to Prachuap Khiri Khan: backroads, village singletracks, national parks, a knife fight and butterflies today heart 9
Train ride: There's something about this place heart 5
Leaving Bangkok: It somehow took longer than I calculated heart 9
Heading to Sukhothai: Following the Chao Phraya River heart 7
Sukhothai: Doh!! How dumb am I? heart 10
Chasing down Wang Chin: Effortless fun following the Yom River... and there were fireflies! heart 3
Lampang: It wasn't that far, and it certainly wasn't that easy heart 0
Chiang Mai: ok, maybe I'm even dumber than I thought... heart 4
Riding to the Laotian border: Crossing the Friendship Bridge at Chiang Khong heart 3


Into Laos: Floating my way to Luang Prabang heart 0
Riding south to Vang Vieng: There are bandits in those hills heart 5
To Vang Vieng: Potholed roads, a firefly and good company heart 5
Cycling South again: Heading for the capital, Vientiane heart 0
Wrapping up the ride: Heading for Vietnam, via Bangkok and Air Asia heart 0