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Destination still unknown ...: but starting in Singapore

So, I'm starting out this journey a bit later than I thought.

There was my friend's wedding to celebrate, and celebrating the birth of another's first child ... these are "big ticket" life events to stick around for. After all, I'm in no hurry.

And I now know where this trip will start, even if I don't know when or how it will finish.

It's now May and I could ride east across the Nullabor, but it's winter here now (cold and wet)... and that will go for most of the southern hemisphere, too. I have no desire to ride in winter conditions. That leaves the tropics, or the northern hemisphere. Perth is in the same time zone as SE Asia and I can get to Singapore for about $200, bike included. I'd be adding another 0 to that cost if I start in the northern hemisphere.

Unfit and flying straight into the equatorial heat and humidity of Singapore. Yep, that sounds like something I'd do.

Departure date is June 6.

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