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May 29, 2019


The weather forecast for today was dire and suggested that rain and wind would start overnight.  However, it only rained lightly and in short bursts in the early hours of the morning and our pitch is remarkably well sheltered from the fresh, but certainly not strong, south-westerly wind.

The view of the sea this morning.
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So we decided to take a rest day and a very pleasant one is has been too.  We have been able to get some work done and give our bodies a chance to recover a bit.  We are certainly a bit under-cooked for Cornwall's hills and I am quite happy for us to take it slowly over the next week or two.

Boiling water for morning coffee and tea.
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The short walk up into Sennen.
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The last pub in England.
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St Sennen's Church.
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Cemetery with some Celtic crosses.
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The church and the pub. There is a saying in Afrikaans "die kerk en die bar staan lanks mekaar" which translates directly as "the church and the pub stand next to each other" but probably means a lot more.
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Supper was a pizza and a pint at the last pub.  The better thing to do on a cold evening.  The clouds are starting to liuft so hopefully tomorrow will be more pleasant weather.

Today's ride: 3 km (2 miles)
Total: 422 km (262 miles)

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