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Right Read for this Ride: Each tour needs a good book

It is time to choose a book to read on this ride.
But what to take?

Something learned? Perhaps a literary classic? Or something funny? Inspiration could be needed in spades when we hit the hills. A factual book which is easy to read when fatigued could be the go.

Or, could there be one book that does all of the above. Let's find out.

The winner of the space in the pannier is:

The right read for this ride ...
or any ride really.
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The author Leo and his wife Stephanie, even to my lay eye, are outstanding cycle-tourers.
Leo's journals are some of the best, the funniest, the most engaging on this CGOAB website. If Bill Bryson and John Steinbeck rode bicycles when seeing their country, their writing would be as insightful and interesting as Leo's.

I do encourage you to read his journals, but most importantly buy this book.
Leo and Steph are currently cycling in Noah's wake somewhere in the Mt Ararat foothills.
Their ride makes our imminent ride to Melboune look quite sane and tame.
More of Leo, Steph and colleagues at:

And the book is available on Amazon.

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