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A tip off the old brake hand: Bad timing for a finger injury

Just to make the lead up to the ride a touch more suspenseful, a few days ago my left-hand, middle finger sustained some damage. Indeed it was almost a case of becoming less digital and more analogue.

I'll spare you dear reader the graphic photo of the actual finger taken with my phone at the hospital emergency department, but you might get some idea of the problem from this snap of an X-ray of the finger before treatment.

X-ray image of my left hand three days ago. Superb and timely medical expertise at Canberra Hospital has the finger on the mend, but it will probably still be in a splint at the beginning of the tour.
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My main concern is whether I'll be able to operate the left brake lever well enough with the damaged finger. It should be healed enough for other tour duties but it has to be in a splint for the duration of the tour.

One friend has said, "brakes are way overrated anyway", but I am not so sure.

It is 17 days until tour start which gives plenty of time for stitches to be removed and the injury to be well on the mend.

It does of course mean that training for the tour will really be minimal. Even more minimal than it has been. I won't be cycling for the next couple of weeks.

10 days later and 7 days until tour start:
The finger is healing well. Stitches will be removed in 4 days. I have had a few short rides and can operate the brakes reasonably well even with the middle finger splinted and bandaged.

So all is on track for departure next Saturday as planned.

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