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June 29, 2021

Day 48 - another day off in Saratoga, WY

I think I miss my bike

Since we stayed and extra day, we decided to hit the hot springs twice more, we also did some more work around the parsonage and worked on izso's bike for 3 hours. Her shifting was all over the place. We took links out of her chain, reset her limit screws and re-tensioned her cable. Nothing improved, so we told her to just try to make it to lander and see a real bike shop. The girls made it to town around 3 and we cooked up food and cleaned more bikes. We also visited Sally's house. It was amazing. Bill makes stained glass and his creations were awesome. They were right on the Platte river and had lived there for 45 years, so their house had only cool stuff. After Sally's house we went to the hot springs. We left around 9 pm and went right to bed. It think I slept extra well from being so relaxed. Now our group is 9 strong: Conner, mark, David, Keely, Megan, Mallory, Alex, Mary and myself.

At Sally's house, Sally is in the overalls
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Dinner time at the old parsonage. The kitchen was awesome
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Patricia CyrLooks like a table of like minded souls living your best life!
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