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June 28, 2021

Day 47 - a day off in Saratoga, WY

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Yesterday, we offered to do some stuff around the hostel as a thanks for letting all 8 of us stay and have a rest day here. Sally brought over some gardening supplies and we were tasked with weeding the gardens. After this unusual rain, they needed some help managing the weeds. First we started cleaning the bikes. They were filthy from the last two days of rain. It took a while, but it was nice to get everything off and dried out. I started weeding while mark, Alex and David went with some of the church folk to pick up two more donated beds. Try set them up in one of the empty rooms upstairs. I probably pulled 4 lbs of weeds and called it a day. Mary cooked a big curry soup dish and we ate lunch and tried to decide what to do for the rest of the day. There is live jam music at 6 at firewater, free yoga at 7 down the road, the hot springs, and neat shops to visit. 

We did see a baby moose laying down in the back yard while we were weeding and a deer and fawn ran through the yard while we were cleaning bikes. It's pretty wild here. This area is interesting as far as land ownership too: most of the surrounding ranch land is owned by the Malone family. Apparently it is turning this and Walden into ghost towns because all the families move away when one person owns the land. People think the Malone's are buying all this land so they can control the water. There are a ton of rivers here and apparently Denver wants to make a freshwater dam with it. The belief is that the Malone's will own all the rights to the water and become even richer. The locals don't take too well to the rich families here. There is also a big private airport on town where the rich fly into. Wyoming is also a state with no income tax, so the locals feel that the rich aren't paying their fair share.

We ended up going to the hot spring before going out for the jam band. We had a nice (expensive) beer and left. We made some pancakes and discussed our options for tomorrow. We decided to stay another day tomorrow since Mallory and the girls are a day behind. They took two days off in Denver so we are ahead of them now. You really can't beat this spot for a rest day.

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The river is right over the hill
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The little spot is where most of the hot water flows up. It's probably 120* in there. The rest of the pool is around 110
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You can go down to the river and lay down in the cold portion. There are sulfur gasses coming up in the river bed too and where the spring flows into the river is warmer.
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