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June 18, 2021

Day 37 - Ness City, KS to Scott city, KS

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It wasn't as bad getting to sleep last night as I thought and actually got a little chilly at one point. We were supposed to get up at 5 again today, but I just couldn't do it. Mark was up and left just before Mary and I did, but he slept with no tent. Even though it was hot, the horse flies were worse, so the tent was worth the extra time for us. We probly left around 630 and Connor after that. The first 30 miles to dighton were relatively painless. I was feeling good although it was 100 plus around noon. The wind was blowing from the south west and it was a grind to stay above 10 mph. We were passed by the most nefarious 18 wheeler so far as well. He was hauling livestock and I saw him a ways back in my mirror, but he was all the way in the other lane. You can see for miles, so it's not uncommon for some drivers to get all the way over early. I looked back to double check when he got closer and he was coming right at me. I swerved off the road and he passed right by where I was. I was sure he would have hit me if I didn't move. I knew it was on purpose when Mary said he did the same to her.

They call these feed lots. It's "USDA prime beef". The stench is overwhelming when you are breathing hard. It's really ammonia heavy.
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Jeff LeeThey are disgusting, and riding past them when I've toured in the west is one of the reasons I finally became a vegetarian a few years ago.
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Fortunately we only had to go 50 some miles to get to Scott city, where there was a hostel marked on the map.  Mark arrived in town before us and said he was already there. We stopped at the c store first, where a lady from the local church said they host cyclists. Mary got the contact information even though we didn't plan on staying there. We got to the hostel which was a community fitness center with a pool. Apparently they only had one small and hot room that mark already got for $15. They said the rest of us could sleep in the gym for $15, but it was hot in there. We didn't like the sound of that too much, so we called up the church people. They were having a funeral at 2, so we had to wait some time to get anyone to talk to us. We killed time at dairy queen (which does have a non dairy ice cream) and the library before Mary went back to post up at the church at 430. Finally someone let us in and we were amazed. (For anyone riding, it's the first united Methodist church on 96 near downtown Scott city. Just call the office number posted outside, and it seems like they keep the back doors unlocked anyway.) It was the biggest church we had stayed at and completely empty and air conditioned. It had 3 full kitchens, 3 floors, a gym and more. We just set up right in the hallway and made food in the kitchen. They said they host cyclists during the ride across Kansas ride, so they put showers in the bathrooms. 

I only took 3 photos today, and this was one of them. It worked great.
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One of the hardest parts of today was my allergies. It's probably a combination of things, but my eyes were itchy and my nose wouldn't stop running. At least we had ac to sleep in, and no horse flies. 

The 18 wheeler was passing another cyclist and spewing black smoke. It looked like mad max and it's pretty much a desert. It's hard to see in the photo though.
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Altitude gain:1200

Today's ride: 57 miles (92 km)
Total: 2,000 miles (3,219 km)

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