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June 16, 2021

Day 35 - Hutchinson, KS to Great Bend, KS

Artisanal well

Another pic of the church basement
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Although the forecast predicted triple digits, we had to leave at our normal time today to pick up a package 10 miles away in nickerson and the office didn't open until 9.

Grain storage in nickerson
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My mom sent us a box with Mary's replacement coros watch (her first one began boot looping and died a few weeks back). She also included some hippeas, dates, and Lara bars! Thanks mom. We really appreciate the packages. We stuffed our new things into our bags and met Connor and Mark at the c store across the street. It was the last water for 52 miles, according to the map. The next 30 miles were very hard for me; my butt was hurting, the road was rough with large cracks, and my legs were hurting around the low sides of my calf. The wind was also blowing north east around 20-30 mph making our speed between 9 and 12 mph.

Not pictured: heat, wind
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We stopped for a little shade and I ate a ton of fruit and snacks. I also took a 2 mg thc mint, cause why not? Luckily I started feeling better, but I'm not sure what it was. I also usually have pains for 30-40 miles before my body settles in for the day anyway so who knows. We caught up to mark later on and he was stopped beside a sign that said "artesian water". He was filtering water coming out of a pipe in the ground. It was cold and amazing. I put my head under and poured it all over.

Artesian water well (spring?), not the only type of well over here...
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Mark filtered a bunch of water for us and we replaced the hot ass water in our bottles. This isn't the first time mark had used his filter, and I think we are going to pick one up too. It's so nice to drink clean and cold water. There isn't always a nice clean river, especially in Kansas where they look like mud, but still.

Grain harvester? The farmer driving was as interested in us as we were in him
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We pressed on another 10 miles until we turned north and utilized the wind to our advantage. It felt like we turned on e-assist and instantly cruised at 20-24 mph all the way to great bend, KS.

There are a few drilling companies here. Bet these are for sale
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This morning during planning, it looked like there weren't good camping options there, and the next town was too far, so we booked a room at super 8 since we can split it 4 ways. Upon arriving in town, Mary went to the bike shop to see about a new pedal since here was clicking like mine were. It turned out that her crank arm and bottom bracket were loose. We probably should have been able to trouble shoot that, but I think that biking in the sun all day negatively effects your judgement. Mark went to get a burger and I checked into the hotel. The Walmart is across the parking lot, so we planned on making sandwiches for dinner. 

In other news, we climbed 800' today, and although we aren't at the high plains, it is getting drier. I wasn't drenched in sweat today and my mouth was dry. It definitely makes the heat more tolerable. Tomorrow is supposed to be 103*, so our plan is to be out at 5 and stop at a bakery for breakfast at 530 to get an early start tomorrow. 

Also, I've been looking for a good portable bike pump and can be used like a floor pump and also has a pressure gauge. I've been checking some shops, so I think the right one will turn up, but I checked my pressure at the church hostel this morning and I was way lower than what I was shooting for: 60 vs 80 psi.

Altitude gain:800

Today's ride: 66 miles (106 km)
Total: 1,876 miles (3,019 km)

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