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June 9, 2021

Day 28 - Marshfield, MO to Springfield, MO


Today we slept in until 7 and went to the free breakfast. It was pretty disappointing but at least there was oatmeal. The news said there was a big heat wave coming through Kansas and Missouri so we were prepared for the heat. I pitched the idea of a rest day in Springfield, MO since Pittsburg, KS didn't seem to have too much going on. We have been having some cumulative damage from the hills and riding so much lately and I wanted to get a rest day before Kansas. We found a reasonable hotel that had a pool and hot tub. Too bad air bnb was so overpriced, but oh well. Mark decided to come with us and Mallory decided to move on. She had been saying she wanted some time alone anyway. We were sad to part this morning and I hope we can catch up again sometime. 

The ride to Springfield was only 25 some miles along route 66. Too bad the route was right beside the interstate, so it was really loud. I was glad we were going a short distance becausey legs and butt immediately were hurting and it was already hot. We met a couple going the other way on e bikes riding the route 66 ACA route. They were interesting and only doing 20-30 miles a day. Based on their lack of physicality and their huge trailers, I assumed they were relying mostly on the ebike. We carried on through some busy roads into town.

Typical scene here
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The towns out here are as you would imagine a middle america town. Very spread out, low rise buildings, and lots of industrial looking buildings.

Real patriots ride bikes across America instead of sowing division and hate
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We stopped at the best western to inquire about a room and got one for two nights. While waiting to get in, we went down the road for food at a food truck park. There were lots of local beers and vegan foods. We checked into the room and went over to the hot tub and pool. After showering we lounged around until dinner. We went to an Indian spot in downtown, which had delicious food, but everything we ordered was really spicy. We were all sweating and the staff kept incessantly filling our water. The table behind had two screaming infants which really put it over the top. We rushed out and walked back to the hotel. We were glad to not be biking because of the heatwave. It was very hot and even at 9 pm it's 81°. We were going to get into the hot tub, but it was stacked with big people, so we sat on the metal chairs for a while. It hurt too bad to sit there, so after struggling to get up, we receded back to the room to sit on comfortable beds. If anything, the pain getting out of a low and hard chair reminded us why we needed a day off. I have been having on and off FOMO about taking a rest day. I feel like I'm slacking off or giving up. Even wasting time. I'm trying to remember it's not all about putting in miles each day.

Mary and Mark filling up. These machines can only discharge fuel as long as the price is less than a dollar. They only have rolling numbers for two decimal places. Probly because bikes get a discounted rate. The machine on the left has a 2004 certificate for operation, so I guess that is when shit hit the fan
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 Tomorrow we are going to try and find some camping gas. I'm also going to mail some stuff home, and maybe find some more food...

Altitude gain:900

Today's ride: 27 miles (43 km)
Total: 1,474 miles (2,372 km)

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